Master Reboot: a gorgeous indie horror adventure set inside the Cloud (no, not that one)

And now for a completely different kind of Cloud to the one that's hovering all around us, keeping us from playing certain games or consoles when our internet drops out. Indie adventure/puzzle/horror Master Reboot revolves around the Soul Cloud, which lets you "upload your soul to our dedicated servers and relax knowing that a part of you will live on for eternity". Sounds like a perfectly fine scenario where nothing at all will go wrong - oh, I mentioned this had horror elements, right? The gorgeous first-person adventure has just been added to Steam Greenlight , and it's worth a look if you're a fan of Kairo or Dear Esther.

Here's the teaser trailer, which I found hugely impressive until the silly 'shock' moment right at the end. Oh well.

After watching that you're probably left with more questions than answers, so here's a brief description courtesy of that Greenlight page. "Master Reboot is a first person psychological puzzle adventure game set inside the Soul Cloud. In the not too distant future, the Soul Cloud has been invented, which is a giant server that holds the data of your soul and memories when you die. The Soul Cloud is filled with floating islands. Each island looks like a town, village or city filled with rooms, skyscrapers and houses that hold people's memories.

"When you begin the game your identity is unknown. You are simply a digital representation of who you once were when you were alive, transferred into an endless network of people's memories called the Soul Cloud."

Apparently there's a gameplay trailer coming in the next few days, which will confirm that Master Reboot is "definitely not a sliding puzzle sort of game". It's more a mixture of exploration and action, and a particularly impressive one at that. A reminder: Master Reboot can be clicked on over on Steam Greenlight .

Tom Sykes

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