Massive Chalice exits Early Access on June 1st

Massive Chalice

Massive Chalice is leaving Early Access on the first of June, bringing its turn-based tactics, and lovely low-poly characters, to bear just in time for the Summer. Dare you sup from Double Fine's cup, after the prematurely cast-out Spacebase DF-9? Have a read of version 1.0's new features while you ponder.

"After listening to lots and lots of useful feedback on the mid to endgame, the team has spent a considerable amount of time rebalancing the game to be more fun, fair, challenging, or punishing, depending on how you look at it," Double Fine's 'Spaff' anounces at the above link.

Controller support is coming in 1.0 too, along with a controller-specific UI nabbed from the contemporaneous Xbox One game. If you were a backer, you'll also be given access to your promised relic in the release version. Ta, RPS. TARPS.

Tom Sykes

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