Next Mass Effect and Dragon Age 3 will use the Frostbite 3 engine

Mass Effect 3

We've already seen our first look at DICE's powerful Frostbite 3 engine in yesterday's Battlefield 4 reveal , and it looks like we'll soon see more of its considerable capabilities in other EA-branded franchise titans. A tweet sent out today by BioWare Edmonton and Montreal General Manager Aaryn Flynn reveals the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age 3: Inquisition harnesses the newest version of the engine known for huge landscapes and mega destruction effects in Battlefield.

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BioWare expressed its Frostbitten intentions for both games last November when it announced a new Mass Effect helmed by the studio's Montreal branch. In a separate tweet also seen today, BioWare Montreal Studio Director Yanick Roy says he was careful to word his original announcement "just to say Frostbite" sans a number. Sneaky.

Details on Next Effect stay scarce for now beyond Roy's previous tidbits: "With the original trilogy now concluded and the switch over to a new engine, we are exploring new directions, both on the gameplay and story fronts. You can still expect the pillars the franchise is known for to be fully intact though, including diverse alien races, a huge galaxy to explore, and of course rich, cinematic storytelling.”

As for Dragon Age 3, it's been in the works for several years and looks to progress beyond the boxy environments of its two predecessors with a "more expansive world, better visuals, more reactivity to player choices, and more customization." It's due out later this year, but we've already collected plenty of our hopes for what to expect in the third dragon-ing.

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