Mass Effect 3 video shows Earth DLC characters, weapons and maps

The free Earth DLC for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode is arriving tomorrow, adding six new powerful N7 elite characters three new weapons and three maps set in London, Rio and Vancouver. For those of us who play Mass Effect 3's surprisingly good multiplayer mode a lot, tomorrow is frankly too long to wait. I want to see the new Vanguard character have a swordfight with a Phantom right now. I want to see the new Sentinel's melee attack, which allows him to block an attack before finishing a foe with a deft backhand. And I want to see the new weapons, including the rapid fire shotgun and the noisy new submachinegun.

Luckily, Gamespot attended Comic-con 2012 over the weekend and took the chance to shoot the breeze and show footage of all of those things. Watch, and try to figure out how these characters can be used to beat the new Platinum difficulty setting, which Bioware's Mike Gamble admits is so hard that only a "handful of people at the office itself have ever beat it.”

Tom Senior

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