Mass Effect 3 trailer kills all the sunflowers, massive space war ensues

[VAMS id="ujhdmZM2MId50"]

This is the full length version of the CGI Mass Effect 3 trailer EA teased last week , in which we learn what happens to those sunflowers. They ... don't make it. The little girl is also toast. This means WAR. Which means SPACESHIPS and LASERS and POSING with GUNS.

Not a bad trailer, but will the game be able to deliver that sense of a huge galactic struggle? Will it really feel like we're part of a massive space war, dictating the future of humanity and its alien allies? We'll find out in less than three weeks when the game is finally released.

An extended cut of the trailer is set to be released tomorrow, which will be the third version of the video released within a week. Mass Effect 3 is also due to be launched gently into space pretty shortly to give orbiting aliens an early look, the lucky buggers.

Tom Senior

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