Mass Effect 3 is going to space and back

Mass Effect 3 in spaaaace

Big game marketing campaigns are getting more and more aggressive. If you hop into a shuttle and fling yourself into the atmosphere you still won't be able to escape the hype for Mass Effect 3. USA Today say that EA will be sending six copies of Mass Effect 3 into space. They'll be tied to weather balloons in New York, San Francisco, Vegas, Berlin, London and Paris and sent up into the stratosphere.

If you find a copy when it lands, it's yours. Unless it lands in a volcano. In that case it'll belong to Ifrit, Lord of Fire, who is not going to give it back without a fight. Each copy has been fitted with a GPS tracker and the Mass Effect site will be updated with their progress as they gently fall back to Earth, or become dislodged and fly off into some distant corner of the universe. The lucky few who do manage to retrieve a disk will get to play the game about a week before release.

If you think the chances of a copy of Mass Effect 3 falling out of the sky onto your lawn are too slim to plan around, there's always the Mass Effect 3 demo , which will let you try out the first couple of missions and the co-op survival multiplayer mode.

Tom Senior

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