Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event to give players a new Resurgence class

Mass Effect 3 resurgence

The ongoing battle against the Reapers, Cerberus and rogue Geth forces is ticking along quite nicely in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. New maps and races have been added this week with the release of the free Resurgence pack . Now, Bioware announce a new weekend operation to gently offer those of us who haven't tried the new maps some incentive to check them out.

If you've got Resurgence downloaded and you jump into a game this weekend, you'll grab yourself a bonus "Reserves" box which is guaranteed to contain one of the Resurgence pack's new alien classes. 10% experience bonuses will also be active on Firebase: Condor and Firebase: Hydra for the duration of the weekend event, which is set to run from 5pm PST on Friday until 5am PST on Monday.

The XP boost is nice, but most players will be in it for the bonus race. I'm hoping for a Geth Infiltrator, though I don't know how they'll fit him into that tiny box. Which new class would you most like to play as?

Tom Senior

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