Mass Effect 3 by the numbers: 4 percent of players like shooting doctors in the face

Mass Effect 3

The last hurrah for Mass Effect's memorable cast and crew wrapped up earlier this month with Mass Effect 3's Citadel DLC , but the legacy of Commander Shepard lives on with the critical decisions, dialogue choices, and punched reporters everyone experienced in the trilogy. BioWare now has an infographic tallying up the cumumlative player stats for Mass Effect 3, and it shows a surprising rift in Paragon/Renegade alignments and popular squadmates.

Also, if by some infinitesimal live-under-a-rock chance you haven't yet completed Mass Effect 3, please note the abundance of spoilers in the image and text below.

Players clocked in 88.3 million hours worldwide on the single-player campaign, and although FemShep quickly became a fan favorite thanks to voice actress Jennifer Hale's excellent delivery, over 80 percent of players chose ManShep. Being the galaxy's Boy Scout evidently won over kicking diplomacy to the curb, as nearly 65 percent of players preferred Paragon outcomes, and a whopping 92 percent cured the genophage for the krogan remnant.

Speaking of genophage cures, almost four percent of you insanely chose to shoot Mordin during the climactic moments of the Tuchanka mission. "Very model of a scientist salarian," my foot.

The rocking robot hivemind of the geth earned more favor than the quarians when players chose to save one race over the another from total annihilation during the Rannoch mission. 37 percent of players preferred to save the lampheads as opposed to 27 percent for the bemasked nomads, but the more favorable outcome—saving both—followed right behind at 36 percent.

On the multiplayer side, squads of player peacekeepers outdid themselves with massacring enemy forces to the tune of 10.7 billion slain overall. Hear that creaking noise? That's Harbinger nodding his cyber-bug/crab-head-thing in admiration.

Have a look at the rest of the single-player stats below, which goes over favored squad members, classes, and popular achievements.

Mass Effect 3 infographic

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