Mass Effect 3 extended trailer has longer lasers, huskier Husks, slightly larger explosions

The extended cut of yesterday's Mass Effect 3 trailer has appeared on All Games Beta triggering some debate in the PC Gamer office. The shot that caused the controversy occurs at 2:19, when Shepard steps forward and his assault rifle mysterious pops up off his back all by itself . How?

Tim reckons a it's down to a stealthy butt clench. We watched it again, looking for some sign of tension on Shepard's face, but there was nothing. Then Chris said something about the neural interface implants that Shepard's had since the start of Mass Effect 2 that would let him unholster his guns with a thought but we weren't listening because we were too busy thinking about Shepard's bum. Will we discover the truth of the matter when Mass Effect 3 come out in two weeks? No. Definitely not. We'll probably get to beat up some Reapers, though, so hooray for that.

Tom Senior

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