March of War's turn-based World War 2 mayhem now free on Steam Early Access

Turn-based WWII strategy game March of War just hit Steam Early Access , and though it's still in development, it's one of the most interesting new directions for the war strategy genre for a long time.

We're no strangers to prefixes here. After all, our industry is home to many action-RPG-real-time-first-person-MMO-BBQs. Still, March of War's self-description is a bit of a mouthful. It is, according to the developer's FAQ , a cross-platform episodic free-to-play turn-based strategy online game. Whew. Let's unpack that, shall we?

March of War looks a bit like the ill-fated Company of Heroes Online in its art style and WWII setting, but the structure is quite different. Every month a new episode of themed upgrade content will be delivered to the playerbase, and the game will always be free. There are, of course, purchasable “gems” that speed up parts of the game, but that isn't necessarily a downside—it's all in how the game balances the gap between free and paid players, and that balance remains to be finalized.

One other interesting innovation: when the game is complete, players will be able to run the game on their PCs, pause it, and move to a tablet device to continue playing.

March of War is free-to-play, and early access is also free . Join a faction and wage turn-based clicky war on your enemies.