Man Of Medan hides a trailer for Little Hope, the next Dark Pictures adventure

(Image credit: Supermassive Games)

It took a while to get here, but thanks to studios like Supermassive Games and their recently-released Man Of Medan, 'interactive movie' is no longer a term synonymous with disdain and grainy clips of C-list actors. They're fully committed to their craft, too, as Man Of Medan ends with a trailer for Little Hope, next in their Dark Pictures horror anthology and due out next year.

Don't worry about spoilers for Man Of Medan here. Little Hope is an entirely new story. You can see the teaser trailer below, courtesy of IGN.

While Man Of Medan tells the tale of rich young idiots delving into deep-sea secrets, Little Hope looks to be tackling a somewhat more terrestrial story of a small American town with a spooky past. Not exactly groundbreaking as far as horror concepts go, but the fun comes from the branching narrative. Tropes can't help you when the obvious last survivor dies first thanks to a fumbled QTE.

Despite finding many of its story beats cliched, James Davenport had a great time with Man Of Medan earlier this week. While a decent enough spookfest when played solo, it shines in co-op when shared with a friend. When every joint decision can alter who survives to the end, the stakes get a lot higher.

Being a horror anthology, there may be some shared themes between the Dark Pictures games, but each story stands alone. Expect idiot teens and young adults with glaring character flaws in all of them, though. Who better to lead to an untimely demise? Honestly, if you can't root for the monster now and then, what's even the point of a horror story?

There's no hard release date for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope yet, but they reckon it's on track for a 2020 release.

Dominic Tarason
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