Make Resident Evil 4 Remake look like Silent Hill with these mods

James as Harry and Ashley as Lisa in the Silent Hill 1 Outfit Pack mod
(Image credit: AmanoSomething)

While we wait for Bloober Team to finish its remake of Silent Hill 2, we can see what a hypothetical remake of the original game with 2023 graphical fidelity might look like thanks to Resident Evil 4 mods. The Silent Hill 1 Outfit Pack contains costumes that let Leon cosplay as Harry Mason, Ada as Cybil Bennett, Luis as Michael Dr. Kaufmann, and Ashley as either missing girl Alessa Gillespie or nurse Lisa Garland. Saddler gets a recolored robe to look like he raided Dahlia Gillespie's wardrobe too.

If you'd rather get more of a Silent Hill 2 and 3 vibe going, there are outfit mods to make Leon look like James Sunderland, Ashley look like Heather Mason, and Ada look like a bubble-head nurse. At least they make a change in pace from the several dozen mods that just take their clothes off.

To install any of these mods you'll first need to set up the Fluffy Manager 5000, which will let you manage mods for various Resident Evil games as well as Devil May Cry 5 and Soul Calibur 6, among others. Use it to extract the mods into your RE4R\Mods directory.

While the Silent Hill 2 remake as well as new games Silent Hill F and Silent Hill: Townfall are currently in the works, one part of Konami's revival of the comatose series has arrived already. The interactive episodic series called Silent Hill: Ascension began on October 31. It's quickly become a bit of a train wreck, with a season pass full of questionable rewards, monetized democracy meaning that players who spend more cash have more influence on the series' debatable interactivity, and chat so rowdy it had to be disabled immediately.

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