Major Wasteland 2 update ushers in huge range of features and bug fixes

Wasteland 2 screenshots

A major Wasteland 2 update has just rolled out on Steam, bringing a "large amount" of memory optimizations, the ability to tab out of the game while it's loading and, most excitingly, 50 loading screen tips. The list is longer than most adult legs and addresses most aspects of gameplay, though InXile has been kind enough to provide a list of highlights, which includes all of the above as well as the ability to toggle travel speed on the world map and new support for "very large" text.

The update will roll out on, Glyph and Origin shortly. Here are the highlights, taken from the full patch notes.

- Large amount of memory optimizations, particularly with audio, to improve performance and stability on lower-spec systems and 32-bit operating systems.
- Fixed enemy “unlimited AP” movement bug that allowed them to sometimes move much farther than intended.
- Extensive improvements and fixes to California questlines, particularly in Hollywood and Griffith Park. May require you to load an older save file before Hollywood to fully benefit.
- Added a travel speed toggle to the world map, allowing you to zip and zoom around if you so please (doesn’t affect encounters, only travel speed).
- Custom portraits will now work correctly when Windows account username contains non-English characters.
- Added support for “Very Large” text.
- Added 50 messages to load screens containing gameplay hints and tips.
- Loading now continues when the game is tabbed out, and pauses after finishing.
- Further UI fixes and improvements, such as new and correctly used icons.
- Many localization updates and bug fixes across all languages.

Wasteland 2 released last month and former PC Gamer scribe Cory Banks quite enjoyed it, describing it as "an excellent RPG despite its glitches, with combat and writing as good as its predecessors".

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