Major League Gaming and Infinite Crisis join forces

For a game that's still in closed beta, Infinite Crisis is doing quite well for itself. The free-to-play MOBA has partnered with eSports behemoth, Major League Gaming , and will be among League of Legends and Black Ops II as a featured title in future competitions.

The newborn partnership isn't waiting for the game's official release, and will stream a match between pro teams “Complexity” and “Curse” on Tuesday, June 11, at 12 p.m. PDT on both the MLG and Infinite Crisis websites.

Infinite Crisis is being developed by Turbine, who are best known for making Lord of the Rings Online, and features the usual suspects from the DC Universe (Batman, Wonder Woman). The game takes place in a crazy multiverse, so expect to see a few steampunk versions of the DC characters you know and love

We went hands-on with Infinite Crisis last month and found it played more like League of Legends than it did DOTA. The biggest break from the traditional MOBA design seems to be “map-altering” events that tear the world asunder as you exchange blows with the enemy team. For example, a meteor shower could rain destruction over the map, altering the way you traverse the area.

The game's release date is still "coming soon" but you can create your own top tier team of super friends by signing up for beta access on the official site. Just tell them Batman sent you.