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Ludum Dare 32 winners announced

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If you've not got time to dig through the 2,821 games (opens in new tab) created for Ludum Dare 32, there's now a results page (opens in new tab) to browse. Even better, it's all organised into a useful collection of categories. Want to know the funniest game of the jam? No problem (opens in new tab). How about he moodiest (opens in new tab)? Or the audio-est (opens in new tab)?

As always, the games are divided into two categories, Competition and Jam. The competition is held under the traditional 48-hour time limit of Ludum Dare, while the Jam features more relaxed rules and a comparatively luxurious 72-hour deadline.

The overall winner of the Competition is BED✰HOGG (opens in new tab), which can—simply enough—be described as Niddhogg but with pillows. I should probably point out the theme of this LD was 'An Unconventional Weapon'.

It's a neat webgame, but I'm a bigger fan of the Jam winner: The Rock, The Paper and The Scissors (opens in new tab). It's a rhythmic take on the classic competitive hand-waving game, set on top of a bandit-filled train. Each opponent has a different attack style, and the puzzle is working out their pattern and countering their delivery.

So positive was the game's reception that its makers are already planning to turn it into a full game, under the new name of Rhythm Ranger (opens in new tab).

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