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Lucius 2 announced: murder a town to please your dad, the Devil

Does your dad have hooves? Does he carry a pitchfork around? If you answered yes to one of them he's either Mr Tumnus or some sort of farmer; if you answered yes to both, there's a good chance he's the devil. Yeah, sorry to break it to you like that. The good news is that your share a lineage with a kid named Lucius; the bad news is that he's not exactly the friendly sort. I'd go so far as to say he's a bit of a wrong'un. After murdering his (adopted) family in his first game , he's back to terrorise a sandboxy town in Lucius 2 . See the firstus trailerus after the break. us.

Cheer up Lucius, it might never happen. Oh wait, you're the bad guy. Then it definitely, definitely will. The 'it' in this case refers to a "over 100" potential murders on over 100 potential murder victims, both in the environs of the mental hospital Lucius finds himself in after the events of the first game, and in the small town of Ludlow, which I assume is not the same Ludlow as the one in Herefordshire. Although that would be amazing. You'll start the game without your supernatural abilities, because the devil is famously a bit of a jerk.

Once you've reclaimed them, however, expect to be able to mix and match various powers to "create your own unique Lucius", abilities you can use in tandem with environmental traps and the like to off your victims in a variety of ways. You can see a few of these in the following trailer.