Lost Ark servers are now online after last minute delays

Lost Ark
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Update: Lost Ark updated players at 2:15pm PT to say "All deployment issues have been resolved," and that the game would be available for all players at the same time. 

Shortly after, it posted again to say "We have received your reports that characters are missing, we are taking servers offline to get this resolved. We apologize for the further delay, we’ll provide updates as soon as possible."

At 2:54pm PT, Lost Ark confirmed that no characters were missing and that servers are online.

On Twitter, Lost Ark has posted "keep checking for more updates!" while announcing that players who log in prior to February 13th will receive three days of Crystalline Aura as a thank you.

Additionally, Lost Ark said that its servers will become account locked based on server congestion, which will prevent new players from joining and creating characters on certain servers. If you already have a character, you'll be able to play them. Also note that auction houses for US West players have been disabled for the time being due to a server issue.

Original story: While Lost Ark has been out for paying customers since February 8, today marks the big release for both free and paid players to dive into the hugely popular Korean MMO. Well, it was supposed to be. The game's meant to be available right now, but it's currently delayed thanks to deployment issues.

The delay was announced a mere 15 minutes before the game was due to go live following a four-hour maintenance. A tweet from the Lost Ark account read: "Unfortunately, due to deployment issues, launch is delayed. We hope to have this resolved in a matter of hours. Your patience is appreciated and we'll update you soon."

There's no word on exactly when Lost Ark will officially open its doors, though it seems the Smilegate RPG intends to get things moving as quickly as possible. Even before the game has gone free for everyone, Lost Ark has been experiencing a staggering number of players. Queues that have stretched into tens of thousands of players, server hiccups over on Steam and the game hitting over 500,000 concurrent players within the first 24 hours have proven that people are still ravenous for a new, engaging MMO.

We’ve contacted Smilegate about the delay and will update with any response.

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