Lords of the Fallen gets a debut trailer at Gamescom


City Interactive's newly announced action RPG, Lords of the Fallen, reared its haggard, tattooed face at Gamescom today, but unfortunately that face was caked with a layer of CGI makeup.

While the lack of details you get from CG trailers is disappointing, it's nice to know the people at the helm have sailed these seas before. Lords of the Fallen's Executive Producer, Tomasz Gop, worked on the past two Witcher games, which are pretty good , if you haven't heard.

Other than the development studio's history and a 2014 release window, not much is known about the action RPG other than it will probably have a dash of action and a smidge of role-playing elements intermixed.

Hope for actual gameplay footage isn't lost, however, as City Interactive teased on its Facebook page that a gameplay trailer was in the works while asking fans what they would like to see more of. I'd personally like to know if those mountains that look suspiciously like the fingers of some titanic creature are, in fact, fingers. The people need to know.