Logitech releases a new webcam that will finally dethrone its popular C920

For a long while now, the Logitech C920 has hands down been the best webcam available. It offers extremely high quality for its price, which has resulted in it becoming the webcam of choice for most people streaming on Twitch. But today, Logitech has announced a new webcam, the C922, which will completely replace the C920 as an improved option at the same list price.

The C922 is practically identical to the C920 in form and image quality, but with the added ability to do 60 fps when recording at 720p or below. Additionally, it's being marketed more directly towards streamers. The C922 comes either with a six month subscription to the streaming program XSplit, or a three month subscription and a small tripod depending on which boxed version you buy. While we still think OBS is the best option to stream with for most people, XSplit's paid version does have a wider feature set to take advantage of with the complimentary license.

c922 on tripod

The tripod is small but sturdy.

A more exciting new feature of the C922 is its built-in background removal software called Personify ChromaCam. It detects where you are in the picture and dynamically removes what it determines is behind you, enabling a green screen-like effect without a solid colored backdrop. Logitech tells me it's the only single-lens webcam that can do automatic background removal, and it works pretty well. I found it still tended to be fuzzy on the edges of any person it was cutting around, and Logitech admits that nothing will beat using a real green screen set up, but it's definitely good enough if your camera is only a small window in the corner of a Twitch stream. 

The C922 is available right now for $100, so expect to start seeing the C920 disappear from online store fronts. Although they are the same list price, the C920 is often below $70 on Amazon, so this will be a bit of a jump back up in price. The version of the C922 with three months of XSplit and a tripod is only available through Best Buy, while the version with six months of XSplit is available on Amazon.

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