Logitech launches high-end wireless mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse

Wireless gaming peripherals are often met with grains of skepticism. Because they ditch the cord, gamers are worried that the possibility of latency can affect performance. The belief was imbued into gamers very long ago, but wireless connectivity has improved drastically since then, and Logitech believes it’s finally time to put the myth to rest.

The Logitech G603 gaming mouse and G613 mechanical gaming keyboard both have the aim of providing the same gaming experience as wired peripherals. To do so, they use Logitech’s proprietary Lightspeed wireless connectivity to limit latency to just 1ms. As an added bonus, they also support Bluetooth connectivity for extended battery life.

The G603 gaming mouse uses Logitech’s newly developed Hero sensor system. All of its subsystems—the sensor, operation engine, power control, and tracking algorithm—have been designed from the ground up to maximize performance and battery life. Logitech claims that its Hero sensor system matches the highly-regarded Pixart 3366 sensor in performance and lasts a whopping 500 hours on two AA batteries. In Bluetooth mode, which increases the latency to 8ms and halves the polling rate, the G603 can live for 18 months.

Launching in parallel is the G613 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard. It uses Logitech’s ultra-fast Romer-G mechanical gaming switch. Featuring a set of macros, dedicated media controls, a wrist rest, and a tablet stand, we dare to say it’s the most feature rich wireless mechanical gaming keyboard yet. Just as the G603, it can also run for 18 months on one set of AA batteries. But because they keyboard prioritizes battery life, there is no backlight.

Both devices will be available starting in September. The G603 gaming mouse will set you back $70, while the G613 gaming keyboard will cost $150.