Logitech launches a pair of 'impossibly thin' mechanical gaming keyboards

(Image credit: Logitech)

Logitech just expanded its line of peripherals with the G915 Lightspeed and G815 Lightsync, a pair of mechanical gaming keyboards with low profile keys and an ultra-thin design.

Make that "impossibly thin," according to Logitech, though either that's hyperbolic marketing or its engineers are wizards capable of bending science and the laws of physics to their will. By the numbers, it's the former.

Marketing aside, these are incredibly thin keyboards, comparatively. Both keyboards measure just 22mm (0.9 inches) high, along with 475mm (18.7 inches) long and 150mm (5.9 inches) wide.

The G915 and G815 use Logitech's new Romer GL key switches that are half the height of standard mechanical key switches. According to Logitech, they offer 25 percent faster actuation (versus switches with a 2mm actuation). Buyers can choose between linear, tactile, and clicky variants. Those would be somewhat comparable to Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue key switches, respectively (Logitech uploaded some sample audio clips to hear what each one sounds like).

I'm not a big fan of low profile keyboards, but for those who are, these are compelling (albeit pricey) options—our friends at Toms Guide put the G915 through the wringer and said "it's hard to imagine a better wireless gaming keyboard." High praise indeed.

Therein lies the only real difference between the G915 and G815—the former is wireless and the latter is wired. On the G915, Logitech claims up to 135 days of "non-stop wireless gaming," though apparently that's different than continuous. Logitech's metric is based on eight hours of use per day, with the RGB lighting turned off. By my math, that's a still impressive 1,080 hours of run time.

Both keyboards sport dedicated media controls with a volume wheel, five dedicated gaming keys, three macro profile keys, and USB passthrough.

The Logitech G915 costs $249.99 and the G815 runs $199.99. Both are available now.

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