Lesser-known episodic American McGee project Grimm is now on Greenlight

American McGee and his studio Spicy Horse are apparently big fans of, well, their own fans. Their fans' ability to make projects a thing , to be specific. Spicy Horse is perhaps one of the most prolific developers on Kickstarter, with current wish-I-was-real concept Alice: Otherlands in its final week of crowdfunding. So what's the news now? This time, its venturing into Greenlight territory, hoping to rejuvenate an old project, Grimm, with new found relevance through Steam.

American McGee's Grimm was originally released through GameTap in episodic installments beginning in 2008—an era when episodic gaming wasn't anywhere near as commonplace as it is now. (Apparently, the same could be said of widescreens—check out that positively quaint 4:3 aspect ratio!) The fairytale-twisting series has been purchasable via Spicy Horse's own online store for awhile, but let's face it—in this fast-paced, hard-partying world of gaming, Steam is at the center of the room.

Though Akaneiro: Demon Hunters was successfully brought into being through a crowdfunding campaign, you've gotta wonder if the Kickstarter magic has diminishing returns; the OZombie campaign was mericfully put out of its misery following poor reception, and Alice: Otherlands still has a full third of its goal to reach with less than a week to go. But hey, at least supporting Grimm's burgeoning Steam release requires no financial investment on your part—and you can check out the first episode free via Spicyworld , if you want to determine just how worthy the game is of your big green thumb.