Lineage 2 High Five update is live

Lineage 2

The new High Five update has just landed for Lineage 2. The free update was created based on the suggestions and requests of Lineage 2 players. The patch adds a ton of new skills, along with new raid bosses and upgraded visuals. To celebrate the update, the game's now on sale as well. Read on for details of the update.

Here's an overview of a few of the additions made by the High Five update.

  • Over 30 new skills

  • 7 new raid bosses

  • 2 revamped hunting zones - one indoor and one outdoor – and a new hunting system

  • A number of Grand Olympiad enhancements including:

  • New stadiums and visuals

  • New daily quests and rewards

  • The number of matches per month are now limited to provide a more fair competition

  • Olympiad Tokens can now be used on more items at cheaper prices

Lineage 2 is on sale now. If you fancy jumping into the MMO, you'll be able to buy a copy for €12.99/$14.95/£9.95 from Direct2Drive . For more information on Lineage 2, and the new additions made by the High Five update, head over to the Lineage 2 site.

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