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Lichdom announced, brings a magical RPG to CryEngine 3

Lichdom's announcement took place during AMD's GPU '14 Tech Day, hence this trailer being full of graphical effects and particle pretties. It's a CryEngine 3 powered RPG, which looks a bit like what you might get if you took The Elder Scrolls series and forced it to focus on doing one thing really well. In Lichdom's case, that thing is magic. Cue fire, explosions and arcing shafts of light.

"The system driving combat and magic is designed from the ground up to deliver an emergent spell-casting experience in worlds tailored to allow for experimentation and re-playability," claims the game's website . "The player is trained in the use of these systems through quests tailored to feel seamless with the environment."

Also, you play as a character named "Dragon". So there's that.

Lichdom is due out Summer, 2014. Below, you'll find the combat teaser released for GDC earlier this year.

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