Lian Li's new O Series Chassis lets you mount your PC on the wall

Lian Li O Series

Ever wanted to mount your PC components to the wall, like some sort of souped-up game-powering fuse box? Then Lian Li's new O Series is for you.

Recently announced, the O Series is an open-air PC chassis designed to make it easy to secure your components in an aesthetically pleasing spot—even mounted on the wall. It comes in four different form factors: the mini-ITX PC-05 and PC-05S, micro-ATX PC-06S, and ATX PC-07S (the S denotes water-cooling compatibility.)

The four models are relatively similar in design, despite their different form factors. All four maintain a slim build by installing graphics cards parallel to the motherboard via a PCI riser card and extension, and they all feature an oversized tempered glass window to easily view all the pretty components inside. You are hanging it on your wall, after all.

The bizarre hybrid of wall art and PC enclosure doesn't come cheap, though. The O Series is expected to launch in the US in February starting at $289.

Bo Moore

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