Let's see your best screenshots of the year

One of last year's best shots, submitted by CHRISinSession

I am constantly distracted by the desire to play photographer in games—so much so that I'm prone to ignoring the Things I'm Supposed To Be Doing in favor of the camera mode, or using Cheat Engine hacks to get better screenshots. It is a curse, but a good one, and one many of us have.

So, every year, I like to put together a collection of fantastic videogame photography—you can see all the pretty screenshots of 2017 here. If you want to join in this year, drop a link, or links, to the best screenshots you've taken in 2018 in the comments under this article, and I may include them in the big roundup.

Ideally, your image is uncompressed (as much as can be, depending on how you share it), and you include the name of the game, and any special techniques you used to get the shot (eg, a free camera mod). And please include how you'd like to be credited, otherwise I'll just use your Disqus name.

This isn't a contest; it's just a way to remember the year and share our most inspired, or maybe luckily-timed, shots. The snaps you submit don't have to be from 2018 games, though it's preferred. And if you want to know more about the art of screenshotting, Andy's written a bit of advice on the topic.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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