Lethis: Daring Discoverers looks like a charming sci-fi adventure

After its city-building steampunk management sim Lethis: Path of Progress (which PC Gamer awarded 60% back in 2015), developer Triskell Interactive has kept the setting but switched genres, for its just-announced Lethis: Daring Discoverers. Fusing gorgeous isometric planet exploration with choose-your-own-adventure storytelling (based on the trailer, this looks a little like Sunless Sea or Renowned Explorers), Daring Discoverers has you playing as "one of five adventurers looking for extraterrestrial artefacts".

Those five adventurers include a grandma with a "big fat rifle", a clumsy clone, and a feared air pirate by the name of Rose. You can read all about them on the official site, or see them in action in the cute announcement trailer:

Despite only just being (well, officially at least) announced, Daring Discoverers will surprisingly be out sometime this month, as revealed at the end of the above video. There isn't a more specific date than 'May 2017' yet, but here's everything we know, from the daring site:

"Lethis – Daring Discoverers is a planet-exploration game. You're playing one of five explorers, sent to space by the Lethian scientists to find extraterrestrial artefacts. Like a choose-your-adventure story book, you'll have to make many different choices during your adventure.

"You prefer using brute force? Oh, you may! Yet, you'll be also able to be diplomatic in case of unexpected encounters. Every planet comes with its own flora and fauna and its proper riddles. It's up to you to find a way to retrieve those hidden artifacts!

"On top of that, you may also explore each planet to its fullest, to assemble all information about the planets wildlife and plants in your very own encyclopedia.

"But make sure you save your information in your capsule, otherwise the next explorer will have to start learning everything all over again!"

Tom Sykes

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