Lethal Company is one of the top games on the iOS App Store, but there's just one problem: It's 'not real,' developer says

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The maker of the viral hit survival game Lethal Company says a mobile version of the game that's set to launch on the App Store later this month is "not real," and you probably shouldn't download it.

The demand for a mobile version of Lethal Company is understandable. The game made a big splash when it debuted in October 2023 and it still has a large audience on Steam, where more than 58,000 people are currently playing it. And the listing for it on the App Store looks legit: It's pretty much a direct lift of the Steam page, including screenshots and a word-for-word duplication of the game's description. 

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But, sorry, it's fake.

"The mobile version of Lethal Company was made with no explicit permission and is most likely a scam of some sort," a moderator on the Lethal Company Discord said in response to an inquiry about the game.

The mod also asked users not to post links to the mobile game in Discord: "We are pretty aware of this already and don't want more people to fall for any devious and malicious intentions that may be behind the operation."

That ship seems to have sailed already: Lethal Company currently sits at the top spot of the App Store's simulation category, presumably based on the strength of preorders—it won't be available until February 16 but you can tap the "get" button the App Store listing now and it'll be automatically downloaded when it goes live.

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Lethal Company creator Zeekerss confirmed the mobile app is fake in a pointed post on Twitter:

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Mobile clones of hit videogames are unfortunately common: Pocketpair recently put out a similar warning about unauthorized mobile versions of Palworld.

Whether the mobile clone of Lethal Company actually makes it to release is an open question for now. Zeekerss hasn't commented publicly on whether they plan to take action to force it off the App Store, nor is there any mention of possible corrective steps on the Discord. I've reached out for more information and will update if I receive a reply.

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