Lenovo's mixed reality headset is on sale for $199 right now

The cost of getting into VR keeps dropping, especially if you can catch a headset on sale. Such is the case right now—Lenovo's Explorer mixed reality headset is on sale for $199 at the Microsoft Store today.

That's half off its $399 list price. Previously, the best deal we saw for a mixed reality headset was a refurbished HP model going for $149.99 a couple of weeks ago. To be clear, the Lenovo Explorer that's on sale today is for a brand new unit.

The specifications are mostly the same, with the Explorer offering a 1440x1440 resolution per eye (2880x1440 combined), 90Hz refresh rate when connected via HDMI 2.0, and up to 105 degrees horizontal field of view.

Mixed reality headsets like the Explorer work with an extensive catalog of VR software on Steam, and that includes Vive and Oculus games that were developed before mixed reality headsets came out.

The Explorer comes with a pair of motion controllers as well. Unlike the Vive and Rift, however, the Explorer uses inside-out tracking, meaning you don't need to setup external sensors/base stations in your living room. However, it does require line of sight, so it's not quite as flexible. At this price, though, it's hard to quibble.

Follow this link to grab this deal.

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Paul Lilly

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