Leisure Suit Larry remake faces delays

Turns out Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded isn't coming—well, not for a bit longer, anyway. The remake of Sierra's infamous 1987 adventure has hit various snags during development, resulting in a release date delayed till June.

Over at developer Replay Games' website , founder Paul Trowe blogged about his "heartbreaking" decision to push back the release date, in a way owing it to his fans' pinpoint-sharp six senses for uncovering game bugs. Over 4,000 beta testers, no doubt channeling Larry's super-keen "exploratory" skills, tore the bedsheets off so many bugs that Trowe didn't feel the remake was fit for release.

"Due to the pure number of bugs found in the PC version alone (Mac version is being tested now, but not via Steam), we're having to delay the game, yet again, until the end of June," Trowe said. "I SERIOUSLY wanted this game out by the end of May because we've postponed it more times than Larry's been rejected. Ok, well, maybe not THAT many, but still….we've had some delays."

It wasn't a lightly made decision, with what sounds like dozens of people being consulted in the lead-up to Larry's original planned release date. "Sure, we COULD release the game at the end of the month, but we'd be shipping it with bugs. Things like: the wrong line being spoken, Larry walking through a table in the cabaret, missing sound effects in the tutorial, no music in certain spots, and Larry's scaling needing fine-tuning."

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded was Kickstarted last year, and then later Greenlit for Steam . Trowe has described this as more than just a remake, with eventual hopes to reinvigorate the entire seedy franchise.

"We have ONE SHOT at getting this game right, and it will set the bar for quality for all future Larry games to come."