Lego Marvel Super Heroes demo now available to download

Remember demos? They were totally a thing once, before the lizard-people that control the games industry conspiracied them out of existence. Thankfully TT Games, among others, have kept the fire alive - their latest demonstration version offering a chunk of the biff-happy Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The demo contains one level, giving you the chance to step into ripped trousers of The Hulk, and the sweaty, sweaty super-suit of Iron Man.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is out 15th November, so you have a few weeks left to brush up on your Marvel heroes and villains before smashing your way around a sandboxy version of Manhattan for yourself. TT Games have already done DC Comics with Lego Batman 2, so what's next for the Lego geniuses? 2000 AD, hopefully.

If you can't imagine what a Lego Marvel game would look like, it sounds like your imagination chip is failing. Here, have a trailer:

Tom Sykes

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