Legends of Runeterra launches with more than 120 new cards

Legends of Runeterra, Riot's free-to-play card game, has left open beta and is out in the wild. It's joined by Rising Tides, its very first expansion, giving players more than 120 new cards and 11 new champions to play with. 

Riot has been working on a lot of new games lately, and Legends of Runeterra is the one I always forget because, honestly, who can keep track of all the card games these days? 

Steven gave it an 85 in his Legends of Runeterra review, so it might be worth taking this one for a spin. "Clever innovations and a generous economy make Legends of Runeterra easy to love," he said back in February. 

The new expansion introduces the pirate region of Bilgewater, where the residents don't even have the loosest grasp of private property, nicking anything that isn't nailed down. Among the new champions are League of Legends characters Miss Fortune, Fizz and Gangplank. 

You can get the skinny on the lot, as well as the new keywords, in our Rising Tides primer, where we also spoke to executive producer Jeff Jew about what's coming next for the game. 

If this tickles your fancy, you can download Legends of Runeterra from the official site for free now. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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