Legend of Grimrock release date set for April 11, pre-orders now available

Legend of Grimrock is an indie dungeon crawler inspired by classic RPGs like Eye of the Beholder and Ultima Underworld. You play as a party of four exiles who must turn 90 degrees left, 90 degrees right and sometimes move forwards to escape the infested catacombs of Mount Grimrock. It's full of traps, ancient prisons, ancient enemies and horrible crawly things ready to bite your face off. Expect to encounter lots of puzzles, traps and treasure as you fight through the mountain.

The grid movement system can seem a little odd if you've never played old-school crawlers like Dungeon Master, but it allows for a lot of precision and strategy in combat. You can customise the race, class and abilities of your four exiles and upgrade their equipment with spells and weapons you find in the catacombs. It looks like Almost Human have done a great job creating a fast, elegant recreation of this classic exploration format in a modern 3D engine.

Legend of Grimrock is due out on April 11 on though the Grimrock site , Steam and GOG . It's available to pre-order now at 20% off.

Tom Senior

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