Leaked specs give a potential first look at Nvidia’s mobile GeForce RTX lineup

It's obviously only a matter of time before Nvidia ports its GeForce RTX graphics card family over to mobile, just as it does with every generation of GPUs. What we don't know are the specs, though an ODM (original design manufacturer) called CJScope may have spilled the beans.

The company posted detailed specs for what looks to be a desktop replacement laptop. It's a relatively thick and heavy system, as these types of laptops usually are, but what's interesting is the mention of three unannounced mobile RTX parts—Nvidia RTX 2080 MXM OC, RTX 2070 MXM OC, and RTX 2060 MXM OC.

CJScope yanked the listing offline, but not before Google could cache a snapshot. Assuming the information is accurate, these mobile parts wield the same number of CUDA cores, base clockspeeds, and memory arrangement as their desktop counterparts. However, they each feature faster boost clocks than even the Founders Edition variants, which is unusual.

The only one we can't compare is the GeForce RTX 2060 MXM OC, because Nvidia hasn't announced a desktop RTX 2060 yet. We assume the same thing applies, though.

We can't say if the leaked specs are real, though they're certainly plausible. These MXM modules are the kind that end up in big and burly systems like Eurocom's Sky X9C, alongside actual desktop CPUs. In this case, the leaked specs indicate the system will ship with up to a Core i9-9900K processor flanking mobile RTX parts.

Not everyone is interested in a desktop replacement. As such, we fully expect Nvidia will also release regular mobile variants of its RTX stack, including ones based on its Max-Q design for thin and light systems.

According to the leaked listing, mobile RTX will make a debut on January 15.

Paul Lilly

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