League of Legends' World Championship quarter-finals turned me into a fan

Not being much of a League of Legends fan, I wasn't really watching the World Championship quarter-final between SKT and Misfits. It was playing in the background while I was writing, and I wasn't expecting to pay much attention to it. Despite playing a few MOBAs, I barely understood half of what was being talked about, but then I started to find myself being drawn into it. Before I knew it, I had dropped everything else and was giving it all of my attention. Somehow, I've been converted.

If you don't want me to spoil the result for you, here's the stream of the match.

It all came down to the last game. SKT and Misfits were facing each other in the League of Legends World Championship quarter-finals, and the Korean favourites had a real fight on their hands. By the time the fourth game, out of five, had started, Misfits were winning 2-1. SKT managed to finish that game on top, putting the score at 2-2. 

30 minutes in and it wasn’t looking great for SKT. Misfits had taken out three infernal drakes to SKT’s one cloud drake, so Misfits’ PowerOfEvil was absolutely hammering his foes. SKT seemed to be holding back. Both teams looked like they were lingering around Baron Nashor, who I now know is the most powerful beastie on Summoner’s Rift. When it looked like Misfits were going in for the kill, SKT jumped in like charging heroes, punishing them and sending them packing.

From that point, the more passive SKT started to act bolder. To this first-time viewer, they seemed to be locking down the area around the Baron, so Misfits couldn’t make another attempt. Then it all started to kick off again. SKT’s Huni made a move against an inhibitor, but PowerOfEvil hunted him down and took him out. In revenge, SKT’s Faker killed IgNar in a team fight seconds later. Both teams were down a summoner, and they’d need to wait 50 seconds to return. 

At first, SKT seemed to be heading towards the Baron, but they then turned around and engaged Misfits, who were heading towards a drake. Faker used Taliyah’s ultimate to summon a wall out of the earth, trapping the would-be dragon slayers. Moments later, the wall came down and SKT pulled back, giving Misfits the room they needed to tackle the drake. They almost killed it, too, but at the last second, SKT jumped in, stole the kill and just started dominating. In the space of a few seconds, Misfits were down four summoners. That’s when the final push kicked off, with SKT becoming a tidal wave of destruction. 

It was over, and SKT won themselves a place in the semifinals. 

I did not expect to get into this at all, but now there’s no way I won’t be watching the rest of of the tournament. There’s nothing like a great comeback to get the blood pumping. Even if you’re not into League of Legends, it might just be exciting enough to hold your attention, just as it did mine.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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