League of Legends to punish 'toxicity' with ban on loot


Among the big changes coming to League of Legends' 2016 season is a new "chest and key" loot system. Keys or key fragments will be ladled out at the end of every won match, which you'll use to unlock chests containing rented or permanent access to skins and champions. That'll be available some time in 2016, unless you're a player deemed toxic by League of Legends' community guidelines. If that's the case, you won't have access to the system at all.

Speaking to Polygon, lead game designer of social systems Jeffrey Lin said players hit with disciplinary measures will not have access to loot at all. "We really want the system to be a reward," he said. "It's a new carrot for playing with friends and for being a positive player in the game.

"We've never been able to give skins for free before in League of Legends, so this is our way of saying, 'Hey, if you're a positive player in the game, here's your way of earning something just for playing the game and being awesome.'"

This is the first time Riot has locked out a whole system in the game to toxic players, with ranked play and voice chat bannings among the most common disciplinary measures. The company's efforts to curb the community's toxic elements are numerous and well documented. For more on what to expect of the 2016 season, Tom Marks has you sorted.

Shaun Prescott

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