League of Legends to block toxic players from joining ranked queues

For as long as League of Legends players are mean, Riot Games will continue to punish them. Following its clamp down on player toxicity back in July, the studio has been testing a new disciplinary system which denies offenders access to ranked play. Dubbed Ranked Restrictions, the new measures are currently being rolled out to North America and European test servers.

What does this mean to you? Well, nothing if you're a polite and friendly sort of person. But if you're not and have demonstrated this in League of Legends, then you'll be blocked from queuing for ranked matches until you've proven how reformed you are in a “certain number” of Normal Draft games.

Not only that, but if you're a Ranked Restricted player then your use of chat will be restricted in any other queue. Again, this will last for as long as your restriction to Normal Draft games is enforced, the length of which Riot hasn't specified. There will be a final evaluation for players, though.

To really drive the point home, player toxicity will result in longer term effects than simply not being able to play for a period of time. "We've determined that Ranked Rewards should reward positive sportsmanship just as much as they reward great play," the announcement read. "so the most negative players who are Ranked Restricted at the end of the season will be ineligible to earn ranked end of season rewards such as the loading screen borders or Victorious Morgana champion skin."

So there you go. Be nice or else. While you're here, you might as well check out our extensive coverage of the League of Legends 2014 World Championship .

Shaun Prescott

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