League of Legends streamer trapped in three-hour match by trolls before getting banned

A Korean League of Legends streamer spent three hours locked in a ranked match with stream snipers before being handed a 14-day ban by Riot.

Kim "kkyuahri" So-Hyun was streaming her Summoner's Rift game on AfreecaTV, a Korean streaming service similar to Twitch, when two players from her own team and two players from the enemy team decided to lock her into a lengthy match. With players from her own team clearing minions and informing the other team of her whereabouts, the match was artificially extended to over three hours.

Attempts to abandon the match failed due to the majority voting against it, and kkyuahri was killed a grand total of 120 times before it was finally over. It even looks like she gave up halfway through and started playing a game of FIFA on the side.

Kkyuahri had stayed in the match with the hopes of not receiving a ban or timeout for going AFK, but she was later slapped with a 14-day ban from Riot. Presumably, it's an automated ban, one triggered by a high death count or mass reports by her snipers. Kkyuahri also submitted her own support ticket to Riot. Frustratingly, her match was so lengthy it didn't appear on League stats site op.gg, making it difficult to easily prove at a glance what went down.

While the nearly nine-hour VOD has now vanished from Afreeca, a condensed 10-minute version has been uploaded to kkyuahri's YouTube channel. A thread on forum FMKorea also clipped a couple of griefing moments occurring in the stream, plus a further summary from a Reddit post. In the end, it looks like she played some more FIFA and jumped into more League games on a new account.

I've contacted Riot regarding the ban and if it's been reverted yet, but the publisher offered no comment.

Mollie Taylor
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