League of Legends' new One For All: Mirror Mode gives all ten players the same champion

Riot like to experiment with the lane-pushing formula, answering important questions such as "what happens if we just let players do what they want?" That was seemingly the thinking behind the original One For All, a temporarily available League of Legends game mode that let players pick whichever champion they damn well pleased, regardless of whether someone else had already selected them. The developers are now remixing that idea with One For All: Mirror Mode. It gives every player the same champion to play, which should at least ensure that each match is balanced.

The mode is set on the Howling Abyss map, meaning that not only are all ten players given the same character, they'll all be forced to fight across a single lane. It's pretty much the perfect game mode for the cripplingly indecisive.

The League of Legends site explains the set-up of the new mode, as well as revealing the voting system behind which champion will be chosen:

"For this iteration of One For All, champ select is determined by the combined nominations of both teams. A vote tracker shows the nominated champions - if one champ achieves a strict majority, they're chosen. If not, we base the choice on a weighted random from all the nominated champs, so if four people vote for Amumu, three people pick Blitzcrank and the last three all pick different champs; there's a 40% chance everyone plays Amumu, a 30% chance everyone plays Blitz and a 10% chance for each of the remaining champs!"

One For All: Mirror Mode will be available to play between May 29 and June 8.

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