League of Legends' new champion: Leona detailed with spotlight video and screenshots

We offered our predictions on Leona - League of Legends' upcoming Champion - a few weeks ago. Now, thanks to Riot Game's most recent Champion Spotlight, you can see exactly how she's going to work in-game (at least in the hands of a pro).

She's a tank, but she's a lady too! Quandry. The guys over at Riot Games have also sent over some high-res screenshots of Leona in action - click through to see those.

If you've got this far into the post, you probably play League of Legends already. You might even be going through a slightly obsessive phase like me. So, let's talk specifics yeah? I've been experimenting with Heimerdinger . Yes, I like his gun turrets and rockets, but mostly I like the way he's got the nose of a cat on the face of an inventor.

Who do you play as, and why?