League of Legends Championship Series announced: "millions of dollars at stake"

League of Legends is getting a new league. The Championship series will kick off in season three,featuring the eight best EU and US teams "plus top teams from the Asian regions." Matches will be streamed live in HD for free every week and competitors will battle for a prize pool of millions.

"A global league of the top professional, salaried teams and will feature a structured season with multiple matches per week and playoff events leading up to the World Championship.

millions of dollars in prizes up for grabs," confirms a post on the League of Legends site .

The Championship Series is still a bit of a way off. Riot still have to wrap up this year's World Championship. That reaches its climax in LA in October. The top three teams at Gamescom and PAX will automatically qualify for the Championship Series, so there will be even more to play for. Find out more on the League of Legends site, or watch the key details delivered in big booming text in this Championship Series trailer.

Tom Senior

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