League of Legends celebrates the start of season 2019 with 'Awaken' cinematic

League of Legends has released a new cinematic, Awaken, to celebrate the Ranked 2019 season, which kicks off on this week.

I'll be honest, I'm not particularly familiar with League of Legends—I did install it once but don't think I got as far as playing an actual game—but despite my ignorance, the cinematic looks absolutely stunning.

Following three separate stories, the cinematic delves into what can only be described as a fight to the death for each character portrayed, with pristine visuals and a whole handful of badassery thrown in. All of this is brought to life by the vocals of Valerie Broussard and violinist, Ray Chen.

While the music may not be quite as upbeat as the recent offerings from K/DA—you know, that K-Pop band that doesn't actually exist—it's upbeat and 'pop-y' enough to fit right in with the theme. But don't take my word for it; you can check out the full cinematic for yourself, above.

The League of Legends Ranked 2019 season kicks off on January 24.

Sarah James
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