LawBreakers is gone for good, unreleased map art revealed

LawBreakers, the high-flying arena FPS created by Cliff Bleszinski's Boss Key Productions, is gone for good. The shutdown date had been set back in June, ending a brief flash of hope that it might have a future as a free-to-play game, and former senior environment artist Josh Rife (who is now filling the same role at Red Storm Entertainment) confirmed just ahead of the weekend that the curtain had fallen on schedule.  

Rife also shared concept art for an unreleased map called Valhalla, "the craziest shit we ever put together," he tweeted. "We basically said screw arbitrary limits to egregious vertical combat, and made the capture zones super vulnerable. Expert player map for sure."

"Valhalla was Bosskey's 10th and final map for LawBreakers. Set in an abandoned Valkyrie training facility in California's Sequoia Natl. Forest, Valhalla stands as a monument to dedication and perseverance," the Artstation description says.

"This massive arena hosts all ranges of combat encounter types, including our longest sightlines, and most lethal Capture-The-Battery layout ever. The map was created for a themed, seasonal content drop, internally code-named 'Bloody Christmas', but was unfortunately never released to the public."

LawBreakers has also been removed from Steam—the store page link now leads to the front page.

Andy Chalk

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