Latest Ark: Survival Evolved patch adds an interactive toilet, and lots more

Ark: Survival Evolved – aka the survival game with dinosaurs and a fully-fledged crapping system – has received a major new update. Among many major additions, including a new motorboat and five new creatures, there's a new interactive toilet. 

"In ARK update v258, Survivors have become more civilized and have managed to invent their own version of indoor plumbing. Survivors can now go to the toilet when their characters are ready to defecate, and by doing so they'll get a special 'refreshing' buff which will grant them an experience boost!"

Never has there been a more appropriately placed exclamation mark than at the end of that paragraph. But it's not just crappers we're getting in this update: a new gas-powered motorboat is being added, and the five new prehistoric creatures bring the total, non-boss creature count to 100. There's a new craftable harpoon gun too.

For all the details on the new creatures, this update blogpost is your friend. The patch is out now, and the game currently has a discount of 68 percent so if the allure of interactive lavatories is too hard to resist, now's a good time to jump into the dinosaur-riding videogame.

Here's a video outlining the patch:

Shaun Prescott

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