Today is the last day of Blizzard's Overwatch sale

Unlike Tracer, you probably can’t hop through time, so if you’re hoping to pick Overwatch up with a big discount, you’d better get on that soon. Today is the final day of Blizzard’s Overwatch sale, which sees the cost of both the standard edition and the Game of the Year edition slashed, Genji-style. 

Until the end of the day, the standard edition will set you back £16.99/$29.99, while the Game of the Year edition has been reduced to £34.99/$39.99. Opt for the fancier GOTY version and get 10 loot boxes, the Origins skins for Bastion, Tracer, Solder 76, Pharah and Reaper, along with stuff for Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. 

With the anniversary event continuing until June 12, now is a pretty good time to jump in.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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