Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter campaign successful, over $410,000 raised so far

In the words of Hannibal from The A-Team: "I love it when a plan comes together." Larian Studios ' Kickstarter for Divinity: Original Sin has crossed the $400,000 threshold with 16 days remaining. The company's upcoming fantasy role-playing game which will feature single and co-op gameplay for up to four players.

A prequel to the other Divinity games, Original Sin lets you take on the role of a condemned warrior or a mystic heroine fighting a new breed of orcs using never-before-seen magics . The game is currently set to ship in October or November, will include the mighty WERESHEEP , and will arrive along with a fully-featured map editor to create both single and multiplayer campaigns.

Take a gander at the video below, which describes how the Kickstarter funding has allowed the company to include additional characters, further exploration, the freedom to add more content and more work to complete. For the ladies, there's a dude with a French accent who thanks contributors with a lusty "Merci!"