New trailer for kung-fu brawler Sifu shows a nightclub beatdown

Authentic martial arts combat is a tough thing to pull off in a game, but the makers of Absolver might be one of the few developers that can get it right. And in a trailer for their upcoming kung fu game, Sifu, we get an extended look at some of the badass ways you can punch, kick, and otherwise harm your opponents.

Sifu was first revealed back in February, but this we haven't seen much of it until this trailer, which just debuted at IGN's Summer of Gaming showcase. It immediately evokes the style of its spiritual precursor, Absolver, but isn't set in a whimsical fantasy setting and is also singleplayer only. Like any good kung fu movie, the trailer doesn't waste time with exposition. It gets right to the ass kicking.

Set in a nightclub, the trailer gives us a good look at all the options players have while fighting. As you would hope, there's a big focus on using the environment to your advantage. Players can slam heads against walls and counters, but they can also grab weapons to give them an advantage. That might not sound all that innovative on paper, so you should just watch the trailer above, because it all looks pretty slick.

If you want to know more about Sifu, you can read Tyler's original story on its announcement that dives into the game's inspirations and how it's dedicated to authentically replicating Pak Mei Kung Fu.

Sifu will be out this fall.

Steven Messner

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