Konami made over $150,000 from that bloody Castlevania NFT auction

Castlevania images being sold as NFTs.
(Image credit: Konami)

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Castlevania, a videogame about a man who thinks the best weapon to use against enemies who can only be killed by piercing their hearts with wood is a metal whip, Konami held an auction for 14 bloody NFTs

All the items in the Konami Memorial NFT collection have now been sold, with one of them, the Dracula's Castle Pixel Art, going for $26,732. The grand total for the lot came to over $162,000, though as VGC points out, the OpenSea marketplace they were sold through takes a cut of every transaction, which still leaves Konami with over $157,000 from the auction. 

Since Konami earns a royalty each time one of the NFTs is sold on, they'll keep making money off them as long as the NFT fad lasts.

Funny thing is, the 35th anniversary of the original Castlevania was actually last year. A Konami-owned videogame series that properly turns 35 this year is Metal Gear, with the first game released on the MSX2 in July 1987. We can look forward to Konami celebrating that with more NFTs, I guess. Hooray.

For anyone who is still confused about what NFTs are and why people pay silly amounts of money for them, here's comedian (and voice of Megaera in Hades) Avalon Penrose with a definitely 100% serious explanation.

Jody Macgregor
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