Kojima wanted to make a game with Mads Mikkelsen called MADS MAX

Mads Mikkelsen up close
(Image credit: 505 Games)

Let's take another trip into the mind of Hideo Kojima, a man who values an instagrammable sausage and a Criterion collector's edition with the same wide-eyed lust. The director of Death Stranding and the Metal Gear Solid series has been thinking out loud a little recently, and sharing some unexplored concepts for games.

I mean, you've already seen the headline, so welcome to the bonkers train. Kojima explained one game idea he had to Mikkelsen, before telling him the title.

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The idea of Mikkelsen breaking his face with laughter is quite arresting but, god, you can see why. "I was serious, though" insists Kojima, as if we wouldn't have believed him, the creator behind characters such as Die-Hardman, Deadman and Heartman.

Kojima then went on, shortly afterwards, to share this picture of Mads Mikkelsen pointing at a Mads Mikkelsen t-shirt.

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As Chris Schilling, deputy editor of Edge magazine, noted: "Kojima is his own parody account."

Makes some belting games though, even if Death Stranding: Director's Cut looks loopy. Sadly the fact Kojima is talking openly about MADS MAX means we'll almost certainly never see it (the internet petition starts here!) and, going by Norman Reedus anyway, the next major Kojima Productions title is likely to be a Death Stranding sequel.

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