Knights and Bikes might be getting a cartoon spin-off

(Image credit: Double Fine/Foam Sword)

Knights and Bikes, Foam Sword's nostalgic co-op adventure, could be getting a TV spin-off. Published by Double Fine, it's got quite a lot in common with Costume Quest, focusing on a pair of pals with very active imaginations that change the world around them.

Tiger Aspect Productions has optioned the rights for the show, but it won't be the first adaptation. Knights and Bikes has already spawned a pair of books written by Gabrielle Kent. The first covers the game, while the second is a standalone romp that pits the duo against ghosts, monsters and bullies. 

Biking around town in search of mysteries sounds like good fodder for an animated series, but it's not all curses and hidden treasure. In Richard Wakeling's Knights and Bikes review, he says the heart of the game is the friendship between the very different protagonists, Demelza and Nessa, as they become BFFs.

"The energy, humour, and joy that continually bursts out of TV animation was a large inspiration in creating Knights and Bikes," said Foam Sword's Rex Crowle, "not just in the way it looks but also in the themes and tone of the game. It's a fantastically fun new development for us to be working with Tiger Aspect on a Knights and Bikes animated series."

It's not in production yet, so we'll have to wait for a release date. 

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